.hc files for building ghc-6.4.1 on amd64 ?

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Wed Sep 21 05:09:04 EDT 2005

On 20 September 2005 12:24, Wilhelm B. Kloke wrote:

> Deletion of Linker.c and manual build of some AutoApply files make
> the crossbuild work on i386 side. I have a copy of the
> resulting hc-bundle ready. If anybody wants them, send me a mail.
> They don't work on the amd64 side, though. Here is the error message:
> gcc -x c GHC/Int.hc -o GHC/Int.o -c -O  -DNO_REGS
> -I/data/home/wb/Haskell/fptools-amd64/ghc-6.4.1/ghc/includes
> -I/data/home/wb/Haskell/fptools-amd64/ghc-6.4.1/libraries/base/include
> -I/data/home/wb/Haskell/fptools-amd64/ghc-6.4.1/libraries/unix/include
> -I.  `echo  | sed 's/^$/-DSTOLEN_X86_REGS=4/'` GHC/Int.hc: In
> function `s83O_ret':       
> GHC/Int.hc:2522: error: `int64ToIntegerzh_fast' undeclared (first use
> in this function) 
> GHC/Int.hc:2522: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only
> once 
> GHC/Int.hc:2522: error: for each function it appears in.)
> GHC/Int.hc: In function `s83J_ret':
> GHC/Int.hc:2583: error: `int64ToIntegerzh_fast' undeclared (first use
> in this function) 
> gmake[1]: *** [GHC/Int.o] Fehler 1
> gmake: *** [all] Fehler 1
> gmake: Leaving directory
> `/data/home/wb/Haskell/fptools-amd64/ghc-6.4.1/libraries' 

I think this means that something has gone wrong during the generation
of the .hc files on the host machine.  GHC/Int.hc is not supposed to
refer to int64ToIntegerzh_fast, because on a 64-bit machine there is no
Int64# primitive type (it's the same as Int#).  You might want to make
sure that ghc/includes/ghcautoconf.h on the host machine is the right
one - it should have been copied from the target machine.

> I notices that the evil mangler was replaced after my build. I don't
> have 
> an idea whether this would make it work.
> BTW. FreeBSD-amd64 does not seem to support "small memory model". Is
> this essential?

If that's true, it means the port is going to require more work.  But
I'd be surprised, because FreeBSD is using the same compiler toolchain
as everyone else.


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