hat, ghc

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Sep 2 05:22:06 EDT 2005

Frederik Eaton <frederik at a5.repetae.net> writes:

> By the way, can I make a request to have the hmake default be to use
> the environment?

Ian Lynagh recently added this capability to hmake, but it wasn't
documented (until yesterday).  The relevant option is
    hmake-config add-dyn ghc
which causes the version of ghc to be probed every time hmake is run,
rather than only once at configure-time.  Thus, it should pick up
the current environment settings as needed.

> Now, it appears to be looking for 'ghc-pkg' in the library directory
> of 'ghc' (rather, again, than in $PATH)

Well, hmake absolutely needs to use the ghc-pkg that belongs to the
particular version of ghc.  The heuristic used to find it might be
slightly fragile, but it is the best available, and indeed it is
based on the information given by ghc itself.  If the executable
has been moved such that querying ghc for its location is no longer
reliable, that's tough to fix.


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