hat, ghc

Olaf Chitil O.Chitil at kent.ac.uk
Thu Sep 1 11:42:49 EDT 2005

Frederik Eaton wrote:

>Is there a way to use Hat with GHC, without 'hmake'? 
Sure, you can make all calls to hat-trans and ghc directly yourself, but 
that is rather cumbersome. You cannot use anything like ghc --make, 
because ghc doesn't know about Hat.

>The Hat Tutorial
>shows 'hmake' being used, but 'hmake' doesn't work for me. The problem
>is that 'hmake' seems to be looking for 'ghc' based on something other
>than PATH:
hmake uses its own little database of compilers. You can tell hmake 
about the compiler through

hmake-config add ghc
hmake-config default ghc

http://www.haskell.org/hmake/hmake-config.html gives more details.

> Fail: Can't find module Graphics.X11.Xlib in user directories
This indicates that you will run into a more serious problem. Hat 
currently only supports a limited set of libraries and Graphics.X11.Xlib 
is not among them.

If an unsupported library is just a normal Haskell module, a simple 
solution is to copy it into the same directory as your own code (modify 
the module name accordingly) and just treat it as part of your program. 
However, this soon becomes more complicated if the library requires 
further modules and special link options.


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