Error compiling using Network module

Lennart Kolmodin kolmodin at
Fri Oct 28 12:49:15 EDT 2005

Jorge Guerra wrote:

>Hello to all,
>I have recently began using ghc, in particular the network module and
>I'm having problems with it. The following code ilustrates my problem,
>is very simple all I try to do is connect to a socket in my local
>machine send a request and print the response.

>When I try to compile it using the command:
>ghc -o socketTest socketTest.hs
Try adding the network package as well;
 $ ghc -o socketTest socketTest.hs -package network

You might also find the command
 $ ghc --make -o socketTest socketTest.hs
useful since it will add exposed packages for you.

  Lennart Kolmodin

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