Help wanted! Win32 and HGL for GHC on Windows

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Oct 20 03:59:12 EDT 2005

| | * The libraries/HGL package works fine on Unix, where it sits on top
| |   of the libraries/X11 package.  But it does not work properly on
| |   Windows, where it sits on top of libraries/Win32. It is not clear
| |   whether the problem is with the HGL package or the Win32 package.
| As usual I am unable to find the time to look more carefully at this
| please pass this report on to whomever is dealing with HGL.
| I haven't heard what problems others have found but here is what I
| experienced.
| ...snip...

Mike: thanks for giving detailed info about what works and what doesn't
with HGL and Win32.  So far I have had no volunteers, so I'm afraid HGL
may stay broken.

If anyone is interested in helping, let me know and I'll fwd Mike's info
on to you.


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