Default name of target executable

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at
Mon Oct 10 05:40:21 EDT 2005

Am Montag, 10. Oktober 2005 08:38 schrieb Tomasz Zielonka:
> On 10/10/05, Ketil Malde <ketil+haskell at> wrote:
> > Tomasz Zielonka <tomasz.zielonka at> writes:
> > > Because of this long syntax and comand-line completion I've even once
> > > lost the source code. I forgot to remove the .hs at the end of line:
> > > $ ghc --make Prog -o Prog.hs
> >
> > If you want, I can tell you about this great version control system
> > I'm using :-)
> It was before I acquired the habit to put even the smallest programs
> in darcs. And even if I did use darcs - I usually at least try to compile
> the new code before recording it.
> Anyway, this is not the biggest reason for my request. What bothers
> me more is typing the redundant command over and over again.

Why don't you use a small shell script for this?

> Best regards
> Tomasz

Best wishes,

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