still has jump to fast entry point (ghc-5)

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Thu Nov 24 12:02:03 EST 2005

I know this will be going back a bit, but I have a problem with
compiling some code with ghc-5.04.3.  The same code goes through
ghc-6.2 with no problems, and until recently there were no problems
with ghc-5.04.3 either.  But a recent code change has caused the
following warning messages from ghc-5.04.3:

still has jump to fast entry point:
	leal	12(%ebp), %eax
	cmpl	84(%ebx), %eax
	jbe	.L55
	movl	$r4HK_closure, %esi
	movl	-4(%ebx), %eax
	jmp	*%eax
	movl	4(%ebp), %esi
	addl	$12, %ebp
	movl	$r4HK_fast2, %eax
	jmp	.L56

There are about 350kb of very similar messages:

    still has jump to fast entry point:
    still has jump to fast entry point:

and so on.

Does anyone have any idea what these mean, and how I might go about
fixing them?  Although they are only warnings, I'd like my software
to continue to be portable to older versions of ghc if possible.


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