problem using ghc-6.5.20051122-i386-unknown-linux.tar.bz2

Konovalov, Vadim vkonovalov at
Thu Nov 24 09:59:23 EST 2005

> > Indeed, the compiler I have has version gcc-3.3.4, and this
> > mismatches with gcc-3.4.3, also
> > 
> > How should I avoid this problem?
> > Why having that precise requirement of GCC version?
> Sorry, that bundle is the output from our nightly build 
> process, and we
> sometimes test specific gcc versions to ensure compatibility.  You can
> use '-pgmc gcc-3.3.4', or build the sources yourself using ghc 6.4.1.


I was only afraid that it was newly introduced incompatibility, thanks for

There *is* newly introduced incompatibility, though, so PUGS is not built
with a following message:

    No context is allowed on a GADT-style data declaration
    (You can put a context on each contructor, though.)
Build failed: 256 at util/ line 86.

But this is probably a subject of different question.

Best regards,

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