Can't compile GHC

Bennett Todd bet at
Mon May 9 16:55:19 EDT 2005

2005-05-09T16:09:16 Daniel Carrera:
> I think it should be if you want Haskell to grow in acceptance.
> The first barrier that new potential users hit is the one that
> causes most people to give up and move on to a different project.
> That first barrier should be made as low as possible.

This is a first barrier only for users on platforms that don't
currently have ghc maintainers.

Given how tricksy it is getting a working ghc build, even on a
"supported" platform, doing so is relegated to the few and devoted;
new users are only welcome on the platforms for which pre-built ghc
binaries are available.

I agree with you, Daniel, that this is a terribly unfortunate state
of affairs, but as has already been said, the folks who are doing
the actual work (I ain't one of 'em) have decided that making ghc
easier to bootstrap onto a supported platform is not a priority for
them, they're content that virtually all ghc users should have to
download prebuilt binaries, or source packages on platforms where
devoted souls have built working automated builds.

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