Can't compile GHC

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at
Mon May 9 12:09:16 EDT 2005

Simon Marlow wrote:

> It is possible to compile GHC without having GHC installed, there are
> detailed instructions in the Building Guide.  Indeed you found the
> instructions, but gave up because the instructions talked about
> "porting".  So is that all you're complaining about?

No, you misunderstood. I was trying to say that "porting" was not the 
place you'd expect to find out how to compile GHC when you are not doing 
a port. I /did/ read the instructions (but only after skipping the 
"porting" link many times).

> While it's a bit fiddly to get GHC up for the first time, you only have
> to do it once.  Hence, making this easier is not a top priority.

I think it should be if you want Haskell to grow in acceptance. The 
first barrier that new potential users hit is the one that causes most 
people to give up and move on to a different project. That first barrier 
should be made as low as possible.


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