Registerised x86_64 port: test version available

Gour haskell_list at
Tue Mar 8 11:35:27 EST 2005

Simon Marlow (simonmar at wrote:

Hi Simon!

> I've put up an x86_64/Linux registerised build for testing here:

Thank you very much.

> This is a binary distribution: ./configure && make -k install.  The -k
> is necessary because it doesn't have all the docs.  It was built on
> Fedora FC3.  Note it claims version 6.4, but actually it's 6.4.20050308.

darcs compiles fine :-))

> Still no GHCi, no foreign export dynamic, no native code gen.  But it
> seems to work (this is a stage 3 build).

Hope we'll see the rest soon ;-)


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