References to the Rts in unregisterised first build of ghc 6.4

Michiel Buddingh' ajuin at
Sun Jun 26 13:27:40 EDT 2005

I wanted to run ghc on netbsd-alpha, so I thought I'd build an
unregisterised ghc following the instructions in chapter 10 of the build

I was able to generate a set of .hc files on a linux-i386 host, but (as was
expected) the rtc failed to build.

However, attempting to compile these .hc files on alpha yields lots of
unresolvable references to stg_ap_0_ret (and other similarly named
functions), which, a quick search revealed, are exported by the rtc.

Is this a configuration error on my Alpha (say, I don't need files like 
libraries/base/Control/Arrow.hc for a first unregistered build) or rather an
error on the Linux host that generated the .hc files?

I've noticed that mk/ seems to contain several variables that seem
to relate to unregisterised builds (such as BootingFromUnregisteredHc) that
are neither specified in the hc-build script or the manual.  Tuning these on
the target machine has no effect.

I'd be grateful for any helpful hints.
		-- Michiel

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