GHC hang

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Jun 6 07:35:48 EDT 2005

Lots of people seem to have had problems compiling Wash with GHC 6.4.
As far as we know, they are all caused by the fact that the
package-configuration file format changed in 6.4, and you need to fix
that before it'll compile cleanly.   Maybe someone can make available a
version of Wash that works, rather than have everyone duplicate effort?

(In GHC's defence, the package spec is still in flux, esp with Cabal
coming on-stream.  I know it's inconvenient to have changes.)

However, the problems other people have been having are of the form
"can't find interface file definition" rather than an indefinite hang.
That's undoubtedly odd.

You could tar up the complete tree and send it to us to see if we can
reproduce what's going on.  Certainly, GHC should never just hang.  But
it might be easier just to fix the package spec.  I think the problem is
that you need to list all the modules in a package, whereas you didn't


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| Hi,
| I'm trying to compile WashNGo 2.3.1 on my amd64 machine running GHC
| When compiling HTMLMonad98.hs, ghc hangs.  It's been running over 5
| minutes now with no output or other activity.
| What can I do to help the GHC folks debug this?
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