testing 6.4.1-July-12

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at botik.ru
Thu Jul 21 07:28:56 EDT 2005

This is on Simon Marlow's recent requests for the  ghc-6.4.1-pre 
testing and benchmarking.

I have installed   ghc-6.4.1-July-12-2005
on Linux Debian
by making it with  ghc-6.4.1-June-14.

1. A simple test with list sorting and such, shows almost the same 
   as in  ghc-6.4  and as in  5.02,
   for the performance, and minimal needed memory too.

2. The tests of  ghc-6.4.1-July-12  on
   dumatel-1.03-pre  (compex symbolic computations in prover)  and
   docon-2.09-pre    (complex computer algebra)
   look all right.
I tested separately the performance, and minimal needed memory,
for the tasks of  3-variable polynomial GCD  and bi-variable 
It shows almost the same as in  6.4 and 5.02.

3. Memory test with loading to  ghci  the whole DoCon test
   (DoCon compiled with -O, tests compiled with -Onot)
   and performing it:
   6.4.1-July-12       needs the minimum of  18 Mb,
   6.4, 6.4.1-June-14  need                  10 Mb.

-- ?
I am not very sure about  6.4 and 6.4.1-June-14,
this may be a bug in old DoCon documenation.
If the GHC developers need to repeat and make sure about this, 
let them ask me, and I would send them  docon-2.09-pre, with
description of what precisely to apply.
Personally, I would not like now to re-install 6.4. 
On the other hand, this 1.8 factor difference looks suspicious,
it worths to make sure.

4. A problem with the package clash in self-make.

   Now, Simon says, it will be fixed.


Serge Mechveliani
mechvel at botik.ru

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