Problem building GHC

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Jul 18 06:06:22 EDT 2005

On 16 July 2005 11:50, Dinko Tenev wrote:

> I did a "devel" build this time, which produced some verbose output
> for the last line.
> One thing that troubles me is that gcc still manages to kick-in - what
> exactly is going on???
> ==fptools== make all -wr;
>  in /home/shinobi/build/fptools/libraries/haskell-src
> ../../ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace -H32m -O0 -fasm -W
> -fno-warn-unused-matches -fwarn-unused-imports -ignore-package
> haskell-src -O -dcore-lint -W -fno-warn-unused-matches
> -fwarn-unused-imports -keep-hc-files   -package base -fgenerics    -c
> Language/Haskell/Syntax.hs -o Language/Haskell/Syntax.o  -ohi
> Language/Haskell/Syntax.hi

Two reasons:  one, -O implies -fvia-C and two, -keep-hc-files also
implies -fvia-C (because otherwise you don't get any .hc files).  You'll
need to modify the definition of GhcLibHcOpts in to put -fasm
after -O, and also to remove -keep-hc-files.


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