GHC 6.4 release candidates available

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Mon Feb 28 06:44:53 EST 2005

"Simon Peyton-Jones" <simonpj at> writes:

> I think I've fixed this (on the head anyway; simon will merge to branch
> shortly).  Care to try again?

Yup, the toplevel rigid type-variable problem seems to have been fixed,
thanks.  nhc98 now builds as expected with ghc-6.4.

BTW, there seems to be a small documentation-packaging fault in the
linux binary distribution.  You may be aware of it already.

    $ make install
    if test -d share/html; \
    then cp -r share/html/* /usr/malcolm/local/share/ghc-6.4.20050227/html; \
    for i in share/*.ps; do \
            cp $i /usr/malcolm/local/share/ghc-6.4.20050227 ; \
    cp: cannot stat `share/*.ps': No such file or directory


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