Kinds in ghc

Johan Glimming glimming at
Thu Feb 24 07:31:04 EST 2005


I can report success on compiling latest CVS on Mac OS X including 
stage 2 with ghci support. (greencard does not compile, but that's not 
a problem for ghc to be compiled it seems.)

Now that I have the compiler up, I notice that types are not reported 
as before. Instead of nice t,t', etc, I get random strings:

Kind error: Expecting kind `k_a1JA -> k_a1JE -> k_a1JI -> *',
		but `DUnit t' has kind `k_a1JA -> k_a1JE -> *'

Is this a mere debug mode I have enabled by accident (no parameter 
passed to make or configure though), or is this something else?

P.S. infix type synonyms seems to work well so far!

Johan Glimming.

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