GHC 6.4 release candidates available (breakage on suse 9.2 x86 or x86-64)

Anders Höckersten chucky at
Wed Feb 23 04:25:21 EST 2005

Brian Strand wrote:

> Jens Petersen wrote:
>> Brian Strand wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm having some serious "issues" getting GHC to run on Suse 9.2/x86 
>>> (or x86-64
>>> for that matter, although I didn't really expect that to work 
>>> without some pain
>>> and suffering).  I've had no luck with 6.2.2, or any 6.4 release 
>>> candidate. Here is a typical example:  after doing a "./configure; 
>>> make in-place", I get
>>> the following:
>>> /home/bstrand/haskell/ghc-6.4.20050221/lib/i386-unknown-linux/ghc-6.4.20050221: 
>>> error while loading shared libraries: cannot open 
>>> shared
>>> object file: No such file or directory
>>> Fair enough; "rpm -q readline" gives me readline-5.0-1.2.
>> How about just installing readline4 (or whatever package provides
>> :)
>> Jens
> I was trying to "do the right thing" and report whatever was broken in 
> the ghc bootstrapping process :)  But shortly after my post I broke 
> down and installed readline-compat (which on Suse 9.2 luckily happens 
> to have, which fixes my problem on x86.
> Unfortunately I'm still stuck on x86-64, since there are no "official" 
> binaries to bootstrap from on that platform.  But at least I have a 
> ghc to play with while waiting for x86-64 to become official.
> Thanks for the assistance,
> Brian
There are some debian packages of ghc 6.2.2 and related stuff for amd64 
located here:

Hopefully you can find some way to convert these to a format you can 
install (there are programs for converting debian packages to rpms I 
think, but I can't remember what they are called - google is your friend).

After installing this binary, bootstrapping an (at least unregistered) 
amd64 ghc 6.4 should be possible.


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