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Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Dec 5 05:51:19 EST 2005

Simon fixed this recently.  The GHC HEAD build will not re-link with
--make if none of the object files have changed.


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| Hi all,
| I'm looking for a build system for my projects which will correctly
| handle all of ghc's dependencies. I.e. every time I ask it to rebuild
| an output file, it will only do the minimum amount of compilation
| necessary. This is important to me because "ghc --make" and cabal
| currently (AFAICT) will always relink an executable even when it is
| not necessary to do so; thus if I have a project with a bunch of
| libraries and executables, the cost of making a small modification and
| recompiling is very high, and it becomes hard to maintain focus on my
| projects after the initial design phase. I've just been playing around
| with GNU coreutils and was impressed with how well the build system
| works, and how fast the recompilation goes.
| Anyway, the system that darcs uses seems to work pretty well, should I
| copy that, or do people recommend other alternatives?
| Frederik
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