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Tue Aug 9 10:54:11 EDT 2005

Hello Simon,

Tuesday, August 09, 2005, 6:07:37 PM, you wrote:

SPJ> | or C-- compilation path?" is not enough

SPJ> Fair point.  I have not advertised it because it doesn't currently work.

sorry, but you missed the point: if you want to know our opinion about
adding this route, then you must ask in the form "this will give
faster compilation and better code. are you want it?". you don's ask
such question, as a result "nobody asks it"

SPJ> I'm not sure what priority to give it.  We will use qc--, certainly. It
SPJ> isn't optimised for good code, so we will certainly keep the C and asm
SPJ> routes for the foreseeable future.

so, C-- will never be compiled faster than asm, and, at this moment,
cannot give a better optimization than C? as a result, it's use will have no
meaning until qc-- compiler will advance in it's optimization?

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