wx library trouble

Patrick Scheibe mai99dnn at studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Fri Apr 1 16:37:53 EST 2005


I compiled successful the wxHaskell lib.
But when I want to start ghci -package wx following error occurs:

Loading package concurrent-1.0 ... linking ... done.
Loading package wxcore-0.9 ... linking ... ghc-6.4.20050320: 
/home/izbifs/scheibe/built/lib/wxcore2.o: unknown symbol `wxcWakeUpIdle'
*** Deleting temp files
ghc-6.4.20050320: unable to load package `wxcore-0.9'

I have a running wxHaskell home. Same configuration... wxGtk version, 
wxhaskell version, same config options except of the prefix.
In university it is installed local but I set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

How can I figure out what's wrong? Can find out where and why the function 
`wxcWakeUpIdle' is available home and where are the differences?

Has anybody a good hint where to start or what to check?

Any help is welcome

PS: Additional informations..

i386 GNU/Linux Fedora
wxHaskell 0.9
ghc version 6.4.20050320

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