Compiling faster

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Sep 27 09:25:28 EDT 2004

On 23 September 2004 12:42, George Russell wrote:

> I think therefore the section "Sooner: producing a program more
> quickly" 
> should recommend using --make to compile lots of files at a time.
> And by the way, that might not be a bad idea for GHC itself ...

--make might also need a lot more memory (.hi files are cleverly
demand-loaded when compiling a single module), and it also leaves you
rather exposed to space leaks in GHC itself.

It can also be slower when only re-compiling a small number of modules
in a large program.

However, nevertheless it *is* better in many cases.  I'll add something
to that section of the docs.


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