Release candidate for 6.2.2 availabe

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Mon Sep 20 13:25:42 EDT 2004

Peter Simons wrote:
> I have some trouble building ghc from CVS HEAD. I'm not sure
> whether this applies to the release candidate version, too,


> but I figured I'd better report it anyway, just in case.

Fine, we like to hear about bugs...  :-}

>  1) The build fails:

My fault, already fixed.

>  2) "make distclean" fails:

I'll have a look into it.

>  3) In order to build GHC's user manual and the
> documentation for the older libraries, I use the following
> bit of shell scripting before I run configure:
>  | DOCDIRS="alex ghc haddock happy hslibs libraries"
>  | 
>  | for n in ${DOCDIRS}; do
>  |   echo >$n/mk/ "SGMLDocWays := html"
>  | done
>  | 
>  | echo  >mk/ "SGMLDocWays := html"
> But apparently, this has stopped working! [...]

Yes, SGML docs are dead, long live XML. :-) To e.g. recursively build
all HTML documentation simply use

    make html

or to recursively build and install all documentation in HTML and PostScript:

    make XMLDocWays="html ps" install-docs

This reminds me of the fact that I should update the documentation in the
HEAD a little bit... Furthermore, with our current build system there is no
need for a anymore IMHO.


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