symbol __stg_split_marker' is already defined

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Oct 5 08:18:49 EDT 2004

On 02 October 2004 01:22, John Goerzen wrote:

> rm -f GHC/Base.o; if [ ! -d GHC/Base_split ]; then mkdir
> GHC/Base_split; else /o pt/freeware/bin/find GHC/Base_split -name
> '*.o' -print | xargs rm -f __rm_food; fi;
> ../../ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace -H16m -O -fglasgow-exts -cpp -Iinclude
> -#include HsBase.h -funbox-strict-fields -package-name base -O
>   -Rghc-timing  -split-objs -c GHC/Base.lhs -o GHC/Base.o  -ohi
> GHC/Base.hi /tmp/ghc82602.hc:2593: warning: this decimal constant is
> unsigned only in ISO C9 0
> /tmp/ghc82602.s: Assembler messages:
> /tmp/ghc82602.s:128: Error: symbol `__stg_split_marker' is already
> defined /tmp/ghc82602.s:287: Error: symbol `__stg_split_marker' is
> already defined /tmp/ghc82602.s:448: Error: symbol
> `__stg_split_marker' is already defined 
> And about a hundred more.  Ideas?

You probably need to add some support for your platform to the split
script in ghc/driver/split/ghc-split.lprl and/or the mangler in
ghc/driver/mangler/ghc-asm.lprl.  For now, you can turn off splitting as
Don suggested.

> Oh, BTW, I had to put a script named gcc on my path.  It says this:
> exec /usr/local/bin/gcc -mpowerpc -maix32 -mminimal-toc "$@"

These options should go in machDepCCOpts in
ghc/compiler/main/DriverFlags.hs, and then you can do away with the gcc


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