Using packages in ghci

Adrian Hey ahey at
Sat Oct 2 03:42:17 EDT 2004

On Friday 01 Oct 2004 9:36 pm, Simon Marlow wrote:
> Looks fine - GHCi is supposed to look in the directories in import_dirs
> for .hi files.  What does ghci -v tell you?

Quite a lot :-), but nothing very surprising. I think I've found what causes
the problem. It does actually seem to work as expected, provided the current
directory is not what it usually is when I'm working on the library.

I.E. /home/adrian/HaskellLibs/Data.Tree.AVL

This is what I get

>Prelude> :m Data.Tree.AVL
>Prelude Data.Tree.AVL> asTreeL "ABCD"
>    tcLookup: `asTreeL' is not in scope
>    In the definition of `it': it = asTreeL "ABCD"
>Failed to load interface for `Data.Tree.AVL.List':
>    Bad interface file: ./Data/Tree/AVL/List.hi
>        ./Data/Tree/AVL/List.hi: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file 
or directory)
>Failed to find interface decl for `asTreeL'
>from module `Data.Tree.AVL.List'

But if I cd to..

I.E. /home/adrian/HaskellLibs/Data.Tree.AVL/pkg works fine. I've since discovered it also seems to work fine from
from any other directory too. So it seems to something peculiar about the
one particular directory that upsets it.

This is with version 6.2.20040915, but 6.2.1 did the same thing IIRC.

Adrian Hey

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