symbol __stg_split_marker' is already defined

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Fri Oct 1 20:21:35 EDT 2004


I am trying to build ghc 6.2.1 for AIX.  I successfully bootstrapped an
unregisterised ghc-inplace from an i386 Linux box today.

I am now trying to build a real ghc on AIX.  I've had endless trouble,
and finally decided to put this in mk/

GhcUnregisterised = YES
GhcWithNativeCodeGen = NO
GhcWithInterpreter = NO

That made things run much smoother.  In fact, it made it to libraries/base.
Now I get this:

rm -f GHC/Base.o; if [ ! -d GHC/Base_split ]; then mkdir GHC/Base_split; else /o
pt/freeware/bin/find GHC/Base_split -name '*.o' -print | xargs rm -f __rm_food;
../../ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace -H16m -O -fglasgow-exts -cpp -Iinclude -#include
HsBase.h -funbox-strict-fields -package-name base -O -Rghc-timing  -split-objs
  -c GHC/Base.lhs -o GHC/Base.o  -ohi GHC/Base.hi
/tmp/ghc82602.hc:2593: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C9
/tmp/ghc82602.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ghc82602.s:128: Error: symbol `__stg_split_marker' is already defined
/tmp/ghc82602.s:287: Error: symbol `__stg_split_marker' is already defined
/tmp/ghc82602.s:448: Error: symbol `__stg_split_marker' is already defined

And about a hundred more.  Ideas?

Oh, BTW, I had to put a script named gcc on my path.  It says this:

exec /usr/local/bin/gcc -mpowerpc -maix32 -mminimal-toc "$@"

Otherwise, it trips all over itself whenever it encounters assembly (it's
a powerpc cpu but gcc generates power code by default).  And the link fails
(toc overflow -- mminimal-toc fixes that.)

The system:

AIX 5.1L
PowerPC64 CPU (running in 32-bit mode)
GCC 3.3.2
GHC 6.2.1


John Goerzen

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