Problems with CABAL in GHC head.

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Nov 15 12:46:47 EST 2004

There have been quite a few changes here including new directories. Make
sure you cvs update with the "-d" flag, in both ghc/ and libraries/.
And make sure all makefiles and autoconf stuff is up to date. then
autoreconf and ./configure.   

Before doing make, go to ghc/driver and 'make clean'.  


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| Subject: Problems with CABAL in GHC head.
| Trying to recompile GHC (for the template-haskell existential
support), but
| keeps failing on CABAL (the import for Foreign.Marshal.Alloc is
| from ghc/lib/compat/Distribution/Version.hs as well as import paths
| Data/Version.hi which is not compiled yet as it depends on
|     Keean.
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