ghc-devel for darwinports

Gregory Wright gwright at
Thu May 20 11:05:42 EDT 2004


Due to overwhelming popular demand (well, Sven asked), darwinports
now includes a port 'lang/ghc-devel', which builds from the head of the 
The default build includes support for openGL, so this is a way to get
the latest OpenGL support for ghc, which now supports almost all of 
version 1.5.

The ghc-devel port installs as ghc-6.3. (All of the executables have 
the "-6.3"
suffix, so you can install ghc and ghc-devel without conflict. You 
invoke the
new compiler as ghc-6.3 and the interactive environment as ghci-6.3.)

ghc-devel depends on ghc, alex and happy, so if you have none of these
installed and say

	sudo port install ghc-devel

you'll get a full bootstrap build of the released version of ghc, along 
builds of alex and happy (the lexer and parser generators, 
followed by a build of ghc from cvs. This may take some time (about 10 
on an 800 MHz G4), but what would you rather have your CPU doing?

Best Wishes,

Gregory Wright
Antiope Associates LLC
gwright at

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