Prelude/main magicks?

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Fri May 14 12:25:05 EDT 2004

> By using an explicit Lava compiler you declare that this is 
> indeed a Lava 
> program, and you don't expect it to work in any other 
> setting, in particular 
> not with a Haskell compiler like GHC.
> ...
> And in the same line of thinking, I would want a way of 
> specifying suffixes 
> of input source files. It would be much neater to call your 
> files Foo.lava 
> or similar, and be able to tell GHC to treat them as normal 
> .hs files, i.e.

Where is the difficulty in writing lavac as a program which:
 - generates .hs files from .lava
 - inserts appropriate import statements
 - invokes GHC "as the back end"?

This seems to be a nicer (more modular?) solution than contorting GHC. And I
think it would make it easier to use other Haskell compilers, should you
wish too.

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