Release Candidate for 6.2.1 available

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Thu Mar 18 17:13:10 EST 2004

Simon Peyton-Jones (simonpj at wrote:

> The particular problem that you are encountering seems to be some
> complicated interaction between Win98 and the GHC build system.   We
> can't reproduce it, not having a Win98 box, and supporting building from
> source on Win98 isn't a major goal. It would have been great if the new
> RC fixed it, but I'd have been surprised.

Pls. see my post in cvs list.

> The RC was trying to test something more modest, namely that the 6.2.1rc
> binary release works correctly on Win98 systems, even when

> 	* the compiler itself is installed in a directory with spaces

It works.

> 	* temporary files are stored in a directory with spaces

It works.

> 	* the compiler is invoked in a directory with spaces

It works.


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