finding C compiler and preprocessor?

David Roundy droundy at
Thu Mar 18 09:04:55 EST 2004


Is there any way to find out what C compiler and preprocessor are used by

I've run into problems with a windows user, since the ghc distribution
apparently uses a different compiler than the one that my configure script
finds, and so the configure script indicates that a certain header file is
found, but then the program fails to compile, since ghc doesn't find them.
:( The only other option that comes to mind would be to write autoconf
macros to check for header files and/or libraries using ghc, but that
sounds to me like a real pain.

Alternatively, if I could tell ghc which compiler to use, that would work
as well, since autoconf is perfectly capable of identifying a working C

I've tried telling autoconf that ghc is my C compiler, but that fails when
the user provides a CFLAGS that isn't supported by ghc.  One could get
around this by prepending -optc to all the CFLAGS (but I haven't figured
out how to do this in shell), but then there is still the trouble of trying
to convince ghc to preprocess a C file with the C preprocessor.  :(

Any suggestions would be welcome!
David Roundy

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