Parsec State Monad Question

Christian Maeder maeder at
Fri Mar 5 12:43:10 EST 2004

In a local copy of Parsec.Prim I've added:

mapState :: (st1 -> st2) -> State tok st1 -> State tok st2
mapState f (State i p u) = State i p $ f u

mapOkReply :: (st1 -> st2) -> Reply tok st1 a -> Reply tok st2 a
mapOkReply _ (Error a) = Error a
mapOkReply f (Ok a s e) = Ok a (mapState f s) e

mapConsumed :: (a -> b) -> Consumed a -> Consumed b
mapConsumed f (Consumed a) = Consumed $ f a
mapConsumed f (Empty a) = Empty $ f a

mapParse :: (st2  -> st1) -> (st1 -> st2)
	 -> GenParser tok st1 a -> GenParser tok st2 a
mapParse f g (Parser p) =
     Parser (mapConsumed (mapOkReply g) . p  . mapState f)

parseWithState :: GenParser tok inter a -> inter -> GenParser tok st a
parseWithState p inter =
     do st <- getState
        mapParse (const inter) (const st) p

I've only exported mapParse and parseWithState.

HTH Christian

John Knottenbelt wrote:
> Hi
> I was wondering if it was possible to write a function that allows changing 
> the state type of the Parser monad from Parsec.
> The full parser type is: GenParser p s a, where p is the token type, s is the 
> state type and a is the return type of the monad. However, I mostly use 
> CharParser s a which is a synonym for GenParser Char s a.
> What I would like is a function that allows me to combine CharParsers with 
> differing state types. Something like:
> runParser' :: CharParser t a -> t -> CharParser s (t,a)
> So that I can use parsers written to work with different state types together 
> on the same input stream.
> Does anybody know if this is possible, or how one might do it with Parsec?
> Thanks
> John
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