Release Candidate for 6.2.1 available

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Fri Mar 5 10:35:29 EST 2004

The 6.2.1 release is imminent, and we'd like to get a bit of final
testing before the actual release.  So for this release and in the
future, at the request of some of our users (you know who you are ;-)
we're doing release candidates.

The idea is that the nightly builds on the STABLE branch will produce
snapshots in the same way that the HEAD builds do.  They will be named
6.2.<date>, eg. 6.2.20040304 for last night's build.  When the tree is
frozen, we declare one of the snapshots to be a release candidate.  So:

   ghc-6.2.20040304 and later are release candidates for 6.2.1

Get them from here:

Also: I'm fiddling around with a new design for GHC's web pages.  Please
browse on over and let me know what you think, especially if it doesn't
work on your browser:


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