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Tue Mar 2 15:23:17 EST 2004


--- Stefan Reich <doc at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> is there a Haskell collections framework suitable
> for practical use?

There's the Edison framework. From what I understand,
it is currently in a zombie state of development.
I understand it is maintained as part of the Haskell
Foundation Library.

> I 
> searched the Net and didn't really find anything.
> I'm growing tired of 
> remembering the various (and partially inconsistent)
> function names for 
> lists, sets, finite maps, arrays, ... For starters,
> take lookup and 
> lookupFM, which differ in argument order.

I'm currently working on a proposal to integrate a
better collection library in the standard hierarchy.
It consists to "uniformise" the DData library by Daan
Leijen. Check its interface/doc at

The source code is available too.

Any comment is more than welcome. (I cound't resist to
advertise :)

> Such a framework will probably have to use GHC
> extensions (Collects c e 
> | c -> e), which is fine for me.
> If there is no such framework, it is high time to
> write one!

My proposal does not rely on classes. (Edison does)
This, because there is no general agreement on the
best framework. Besides, it might be needed to
re-think already well established parts of the
standard: arrays, and maybe lists.

Check the libraries list archive for the recent thread
"DData in hierachical libraries". (Which list would
suit better this one thread I think)


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