Error invoking compiler

Andrei Formiga andrei.formiga at
Sat Jul 10 17:12:36 EDT 2004


   I'm working with the Haskell plugin for eclipse, but when building
a project the compiler outputs the following error:

ghc-6.2.1: can't apply -o to multiple source files
Usage: For basic information, try the `--help' option.

   and this is the command line (or should be):

ghc --make  -odir /home/ktulu/eclipse/runtime-workspace/Hello/out
-hidir /home/ktulu/eclipse/runtime-workspace/Hello/out -o
/home/ktulu/eclipse/runtime-workspace/Hello/bin/theResult Main.hs

   funny enough, when using the same command line at a terminal, it
compiles ok.

   Does someone have any thought or ideas on why this is happening ?

   I'm running GHC 6.2.1 on linux (Fedora Core 2, glibc 2.3),
installed from RPM. The same problem was reported on other linux
versions and on Mac OS X. It worked fine on previous versions.

   Thanks in advance for any help.

[]s, Andrei de A. Formiga

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