Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Jan 28 12:47:12 EST 2004

>rawSystem :: FilePath -> [String] -> IO ExitCode
>Question: how do you get the string \" into an argument?  Turns out that
>the argument "\\"" does not do the job.  (This turns into a single \.)
>Puzzling but probably not important in practice.

This comment is puzzling me: I tend to use System.system a lot - this is
probably not implemented in terms of rawSystem, with a shell as FilePath, 
but via a separate system-call? 

For system, I do need doublequotes in arguments (e.g., when passing 
complex option flags to the programs invoked, or when the arguments
contain strings). Can that really always be avoided for rawSystem?

Btw, I do have a win98 box, but it is in no state to compile big programs,
let alone ghc (apart from speed, or the lack of it, I have to delete stuff 
whenever I want to recompile my own projects..). So if you could post 
a small test case (a Haskell file defining rawSystem and its ffi call/translation,
and the kind of call you need to execute through it) that could be run through 
ghc-6.0.1 (binary release), it would be a lot easier to help with initial
testing, even though that wouldn't guarantee successful bootstraps.


PS quoting issues are notoriously tricky, especially in programs that
      are meant to run on multiple platforms. I'm still hunting a case of
      quoting that works under win98, but not under winXP, where apart
      from Haskell code, several other progs and shells are involved,
      and even ridiculously small changes can break things there (e.g.,
      because the example suddenly no longer fits a special case and
      is treated completely differently). I can't see a problem with 
      removing double escapes for backslashes, but would recommend
      testing in all cases.

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