ghc for hp-ux 11.11...

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Tue Dec 21 12:37:36 EST 2004

amyhr at wrote:
> Okay, I've tried to follow the directions, and ran into a couple minor issues I
> was able to work through, but I got stuck at the "cd H/libraries && make boot &&
> make" stage.  The host system is redhat enterprise linux 3, the target is hp-ux
> 11.11, the output is below: [...]

It looks like you try to get GHC 6.2.2 up and running. Could you try the GHC from
CVS HEAD instead, please? The configuration stuff has changed quite a bit, and
I'm reluctant to work on the old STABLE branch. Could you send a log of the
configuration/building plus all config.log and config.status files, please? In
ancient times, I made GHC run on HP-UX 9, but I guess that things suffer from
bit rot...


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