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Gracjan Polak gracjan at
Fri Aug 20 09:08:04 EDT 2004

Simon Marlow wrote:

 > On 20 August 2004 12:04, Gracjan Polak wrote:
 >>Is there any haddoc documentation for GHC (compiler part, not
 >>libraries)? I still have trouble finding my way through the source...
 > Sorry, no.  You could probably run Haddock on the source, although we've
 > never tried and there isn't any actual documentation.

I did want to do this myself, but I did not manage to compile haddoc 
under Windows :(.

Is there anybody having pre-build haddoc for windows? Or guide how to do 
this myself?

 > There's the
 > commentary which may help:

Thanks, I'm going to read it :)

 > Cheers,
 > 	Simon

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