FFI, Ghc and Libs

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 9 08:21:12 EDT 2004

GHCi supports loading .o and .DLL files only, I'm afriad.  Although I
believe it might be possible to link against .LIB files when linking a
standalone binary.


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Subject: FFI, Ghc and Libs

i have one Problem with ghc (and FFI).
I wrote some functions in C and compiled that file. After that I typed:
ghci -fffi komplett.obj test.lhs -l apr.lib
and got the following error meassage:

Loading package base ... linking ... done
Warning: ignoring unrecognised input 'apr.lib'
Loading object (static) kompett.obj ... done
Loading object (dynamic) ... failed.
Dynamic Linker error message was: 
    addDLL: unknown error
Whilst trying to load (dynamic)
Directories to search are:
ghc.exe: user specified .o/.so/.DLL could not be loaded
I have to use different Libraries from Subversion (subversion.tigris.org
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