ghci: catching up with hugs?-)

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Aug 9 08:17:52 EDT 2004

On 29 July 2004 17:48, Claus Reinke wrote:

> - especially when working with gui libs, I often find myself wanting
>     to know which instances some type belongs to (as that determines
>     the attributes/properties/etc one may use with that type).

Absolutely.  This is on my ToDo list, but I haven't got around to it

> - since ghc now keeps better source location info, how about ":find
> <name>"? 

Yes, another good suggestion.  I don't have the time to tackle these
right now, but they're good small projects for anyone looking for
something to contribute to GHC.

> - the ":set <something>" command in ghci "feeds" the ghc command
>     line, but how can I figure out the current settings (especially
>     paths and packages)? 

This is really a bug - and it's another thing that's been lurking on my
ToDo list for a long time.


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