turn off let floating

David Sabel dsabel at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Fri Apr 9 16:27:01 EDT 2004

you can turn off let-floating by compiling without optimizations,
i.e. without using a -O flag or using -O0 explicitly. 
The disadvantage is that most of all other optimizations 
are turned off too.
Another possibility would be to compile your program with HasFuse 
which is a modification of GHC, that performs only such transformations
that are compatible with the use of unsafePerformIO.
(no common subexpression elimination,
 no let-floating out,
 more restrictive inlining)
In fact, HasFuse guarantees more than compiling SAFE uses of 
unsafePerformIO correctly (it fulfills the FUNDIO-semantics),
but HasFuse can also be used to compile 'normal' Haskell programs.
JWGU Frankfurt, Germany

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> Hi all,
> In the documentation for System.IO.Unsafe
> it says:
>    Make sure that the either you switch off let-floating, 
>    or that the call to unsafePerformIO cannot float outside a lambda.  
> My question is how can you turn off let floating? I can't seem to
> find a flag that suggests this behaviour.
> Cheers,
> Bernie.
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