ghc-6.0.1 solaris 2.9 readline problem

Matt Fairtlough matt at
Tue Oct 14 17:48:37 EDT 2003

I've just installed the solaris2.8 binary package for ghc-6.0.1

I confess that I am running solaris2.9, which may be the cause of the 
problem, in which case I suppose I need to wait.  But perhaps my problem is 
more general.  I am trying to build HaLeX, a library for processing automata 
and regular expressions.

I have readline.h and history.h in /usr/local/include/readline, so the 
following error message is puzzling to me: 

ghc --make -I./src -i./src -package util -O2 ./src/Main.hs -o ./bin/halex
Chasing modules from: ./src/Main.hs
Compiling RegExp           ( ./src/RegExp.hs, ./src/RegExp.o )

    Warning: `RegExp' is exported by `RegExp' and `RegExp(..)'
In file included from /tmp/ghc18853.hc:6:
/home/matt/lib/ghc-6.0.1/include/HsReadline.h:5: readline/readline.h: No such 
file or directory
/home/matt/lib/ghc-6.0.1/include/HsReadline.h:6: readline/history.h: No such 
file or directory
make: *** [halex] Error 1

I've searched for this issue but only found references to building ghc5

any help much appreciated.


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