GHC with MS .Net 2003 C compiler

Andreas.Schroeder at Andreas.Schroeder at
Tue Oct 14 18:33:15 EDT 2003

Hi all,

i am just evaluating Haskell (GHC) for the use in the company i work. I
have done some performance tests with Haskell, Java and C++
for some finance mathematical algorithms (you know, some folks are addicted
to performance - not i). Unfortunately, pure Haskell did not
perform very well. I then used a hybrid solution with some foreing called C
code (25 lines of C) to get some boost on performance after
some profiling analysis on "where is all the time gone?".

I don't know exactly why, but even with the optimize flags on, the hybrid
haskell solution takes six times longer than the C++ version
compiled with the MS .Net 2003 C++ compiler. This one is even three times
faster than the cygwin C++ compiler itself.
That's what made me think:
could i use the MS .Net 2003 C compiler to get the GHC libraries object
code and then link them with the generated C code from GHC
compiled again with the MS compiler?

If it's possible, how to?

Can anyone anticipate a performance improvement (like i do - well, at least
i hope)?

Btw, if you're interested, java (JDK 1.4.2_01 Server JVM) takes twice the
time of MS .Net compiled C++ for my test.

If you want, i can also post the Haskell code i tested.

Andreas Schroeder

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