Problems building ghc-current

Simon Marlow
Wed, 28 May 2003 13:08:16 +0100

> Simon Marlow writes:
>  > We could just rearrange the repository in place, and 
> everything would
>  > still work, right?
> It's not quite that easy, unfortunately. If you want to retain the
> files's version history (and I guess you would), then you have to move
> the directories around in the CVS repository's file system _directly_,
> because CVS has no notion of "moving" entries -- let alone
> directories.

Yes, I'm aware of that - I'm no stranger to direct repository surgery ;-)

> As a result, users who have a checked-out copy of the repository, will
> not be able to commit their changes (or update their copy) anymore,
> because the paths stored in their "CVS/Repository" files became
> incorrect.

Good point.