ghc-5.04.3-1.src.rpm -i

Jeffrey R Lewis
Sat, 10 May 2003 07:21:35 -0700

On Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 02:52 AM, Serge D. Mechveliani wrote:

> Dear GHC team,
> To my request
>>> *
>>> Is it possible to build  ghc-5.04.3
>>> with interpreter?
>>> For we have installed it from RPM, and it reports that  ghci
>>> would not work.
> Simon Marlow replies on  9 May 2003
>> Details, details!  Platform, OS version, which RPM did you install,
>> what command line did you issue and what was the error message?
> I thought that  ghci  just was not ready in  ghc-5.04.3.
>   RedHat Linux 7.3, libc-2.2.5, ghc-5.04.3-1.src.rpm
>> ghci
>   ghc-5.04.3: not built for interactive use
>> more /usr/bin/ghci
>   #!/bin/sh
>   GHCBIN="/usr/lib/ghc-5.04.3/ghc-5.04.3";
>   TOPDIROPT="-B/usr/lib/ghc-5.04.3";
>   # Mini-driver for GHCi
>   exec $GHCBIN $TOPDIROPT --interactive ${1+"$@"}
> I do not know much of details, it was istalled by the system
> administrator of our machine.
> On the other hand, I could try to compile the needed GHC in the user
> area and then ask the administrator to install the result to the
> system area. Right?

There's a hidden gotcha in the rpm spec file (the file which gives 
instructions for building) - it only does a stage1 build, whereas ghci 
needs a stage2 build.  This is OK as long as it's understood by rpm 
builders that they need to build binary rpms using a previous install 
of 5.04.3.  We could probably trick up the spec file to be clever and 
trigger a stage2 build if it's necessary.

In your case, your sysadmin seems to have been working from a src rpm, 
and probably built 5.04.3 using an earlier version of ghc.

So, just tell your sysadmin to build 5.04.3 again, making sure to use 
the now existing 5.04.3 install to compile it.