ghc-5.04.3-1.src.rpm -i

Serge D. Mechveliani
Sat, 10 May 2003 13:52:13 +0400

Dear GHC team,

To my request

>> *
>> Is it possible to build  ghc-5.04.3 
>> with interpreter?
>> For we have installed it from RPM, and it reports that  ghci
>> would not work.

Simon Marlow replies on  9 May 2003 

> Details, details!  Platform, OS version, which RPM did you install, 
> what command line did you issue and what was the error message?

I thought that  ghci  just was not ready in  ghc-5.04.3.

  RedHat Linux 7.3, libc-2.2.5, ghc-5.04.3-1.src.rpm

  > ghci
  ghc-5.04.3: not built for interactive use

  > more /usr/bin/ghci
  # Mini-driver for GHCi
  exec $GHCBIN $TOPDIROPT --interactive ${1+"$@"}

I do not know much of details, it was istalled by the system 
administrator of our machine.
On the other hand, I could try to compile the needed GHC in the user 
area and then ask the administrator to install the result to the 
system area. Right?

>> This DoCon installation aims at the following meaning:
>>   initially,  HSdocon.o, libHSdocon.a  are absent,
>>   compile DoCon modules
>>   making libraries  $(e)/HSdocon.o, $(e)/libHSdocon.a,
>>   and these libraries have to link when using the  package docon.
>> It works in  ghc-5.02
>>              (see,  version 2.06,  Makefile),
>> and quotations look all right, because it is in Makefile and it
>> issues `echo' ...
>> But in  ghc-5.04.3,  Makefile needs to skip "HSdocon",
>> and someone has to set it to  docon.conf  after the installation.
>> Maybe, it is a trivial question, but still I wonder how to improve
>> Makefile in a proper way.

> I still can't tell what's wrong.
> You need to show us the *actual* contents of docon.conf, and where
> exactly does the library libHSdocon.a reside?

You can reproduce it in one minute by downloading from


The latest version is   DoCon-2.06,  it has  install.txt,  Makefile

It works under  ghc-5.02.2, 5.02.3.
And for  5.04.3,  it needs evident correction of the `data' 
mentionning in Makefile.

The difference between  ghc-5.02.2 (3)  and  5.04.3  starts at
the first installation step: 
                             make clear;   make init

5.04.3 reports that it cannot find  libHSdocon.a.
No compilation started.
At this stage, it only applies  ghc-pkg
putting the name "HSdocon.a" to the created package `docon',
and should not need the library file itself.

Everything is given:

  DoCon Makefile,  ghc-5.02.2, 5.02.3, 5.04.3.
  ghc-5.02.2, 5.02.3  binary installation run     on Debian Linux 2.2,
  ghc-5.04.3          RPM installation    running on RedHat Linux 7.3.


Serge Mechveliani