ghc --make with .o files

Andre Pang
Sat, 28 Jun 2003 19:46:00 -0700

Hi all,

If you pass a list of .o files---and only .o files (i.e. no .hs 
files)---to GHC, and --make is specified, nothing happens.  Is it 
possible to change this behaviour so that GHC will link the .o files 
together into an executable?

The reason I'm asking for this is because --make is more intelligent 
than just using ghc without --make to perform the linking.  In 
particular, it is intelligent enough to figure out what packages to 
link in, and will also automatically link in _stub.o files generated by 
"foreign import wrapper" statements.  I'm working on GHC integration 
with Apple's Project Builder and Xcode IDEs, and having a more 
intelligent linking process would be really useful :).

% Andre Pang : just.your.average.bounty.hunter