ghc6.0 and ghc5.04.3 i386 rpms available

Jens Petersen
13 Jun 2003 21:19:44 +0900

2003年06月13日(金)の17時53分に Jens Petersen 曰く:
> The latest package is named
> ghc6.0-6.0-1 and there is also a ghc5.04.3-5.04.3-2 package[...] The
> ghc5.04.3 and ghc6.0 can be installed in parallel without conflicts,

Thinking about it more, I realised that of course what is really being
numbered here is the interface version number of the hi files (the "ABI"
version if you like), so perhaps it would be better to name the packages
ghc6000 and ghc5043?  These names also seems a little more seemly...