ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.0

Andres Loeh
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 12:31:20 +0200

> >  > Hmm.  Perhaps you should rename the long form of -L to
> >  > --list-local-packages.
> > 
> > Just a small note: This was a buglet in System.Console.GetOpt.getOpt,
> > which has been fixed since GHC 5.04.3. Consequently this does not
> > happen if you use a GHC >= 5.04.3 for compiling GHC 6.0. But to be on
> > the safe side, SimonM has renamed the option, anyway...
> OK.  The official ghc-6.0 binary distribution for Linux seems to have
> been built with ghc-4.08.2, hence the apparent fault.  Was there a
> reason for choosing to bootstrap with such an old version?

Strange, isn't the official binary distribution a stage-2 compiler
with ghci enabled? In this case, ghc-6.0 should have been compiled by
itself, or am I missing something? 

Just surprised ...