ghc-6.0.1 --make -O (linking errors)

Jan Scheffczyk
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 15:06:07 +0200

Hi Ian,

> If you are not already using them then you could try the debs from the
> Haskell Experimental repository. Both stable and unstable debs are
> available (unfortunately they are awaiting manual intervention before
> going into the Debian archive as there are a couple of new package
> names):

We have found the error.
In my Makefile I had added an explicit library search path (via -L) where ghc 
6.0 libs are installed.
Changing the path to the ghc 6.0.1 libs directory made ghc compile my program, 
as expected :-)).

So it was absolutely MY mistake and not ghc's.

Best regards,